Whatever your company’s freight and logistics situation or challenge, we provide unbiased solutions, resources, and data as your internal staff expert to drive operations improvement and direct cash rapidly back into your business.


Who we are!

We are a management service company that provides procurement expertise, consulting, and solutions to help our customers establish and manage supplier contracts that deliver better pricing, value and services.

Results Driven Track Record

We actively achieve 18%+ net cash improvements for our clients in 90 days or less through direct freight and logistics expenses. Our supply chain improvements are measurable and deliver the greatest value to customers and investors at the lowest cost to the business.

Our business has grown nearly exclusively through customer referrals.  We are focused on exceeding our customers’ improvement objectives and working hard to insure their short and long term goals are achieved.

Our Customers


Are You Confident Your Logistics, Transportation, & Operational Costs Are Where They Should Be...

We provide you with a customized detailed analysis based upon your actual freight activity that targets a specific savings goal.


We offer a diagnostic review process through “LogproTM” that identifies improvement opportunities that align best practices and costs with your operations.  Our proprietary processes enable us to rapidly capture required data and process flows which are base lined with your internal metrics and benchmarked against industry costs and performance.


Asaph reduces logistics costs from 10-30%+ and will improve your supply chain performance.  Our hands-on experiences and expertise provide both practical and strategic evaluation of your internal and external logistics operations to reduce fixed and variable costs, improve existing services, or add new solutions and services to your supply chain and operations.

We utilize a highly specialized data base of international import/export transaction information to analyze ports, commodities, suppliers, shippers, carriers, providers, and your business.  Asaph manages the entire international improvement process including requirements development, analysis, request for information, pricing, bid management, selection, negotiation, contracting, implementation, and ongoing operational support based on your unique needs and requirements.



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